Ecology’s Spokane River Toxics Monitoring FY2013

Click on the links below to access the Quality Assurance Project Plans for the FY2013 Spokane River Toxics Monitoring Activities.

Comments are requested on the DRAFT QAPP only by November 21, 2012. Submit comments to Brandee Era-Miller: BERA461@ECY.WA.GOV

DRAFT 10-28-2012 Quality Assurance Project Plan: Spokane River Toxics Fish Tissue and Preliminary Monitoring in Fiscal Year 2013 – In Support of the Long-term Toxics Monitoring Strategy. [Note: The Quality Assurance Project Plan was finalized January, 2013 and can be viewed at: To access the draft document as posted on 11/8/2012, contact us.]

The following QAPP was prepared and approved in 2002 and provided for reference. No comments requested on this document.

Quality Assurance Project Plan: Washington State Toxics Monitoring Program, Exploratory Monitoring of Toxic Contaminants in Edible Fish Tissue and Freshwater Environments of Washington State