Spokane County Comments on LimnoTech QA documentation from 2014 synoptic sampling

LimnoTech provided documentation on the quality assessment of the 2014 synoptic sampling to the Task Force and to the Department of Ecology to meet contract obligations in September of 2015. These documents can be viewed here, and are also attached below.  Please also see the comments on these documents received from Spokane County.  Task Force members are asked to review the documents and provide comments, no later than 12 pm on Tuesday December 1, 2015.  These comments and documents will be discussed at the next Technical Track Work Group meeting.

QA Documents:
  SRRTTF Phase 2 Data Review/Validation Memorandum
–  2014 Spokane River Synoptic Survey Data Usability Assessment
 2014 Spokane River Synoptic Survey Field Audit

Document Comments:
– Spokane County comments on supplemental docs Aug 2014 sampling_11.12.15