SRRTTF Wet Weather Sampling Options- Please review and provide feedback to Dave Dilks by December 30th 2015

LimnoTech had been directed by the SRRTTF to provide recommendations regarding future wet weather monitoring.  They presented some initial concepts at the 12/2/15 TTWG meeting, at which point it became apparent that members had a range of objectives regarding what the monitoring should accomplish. The purpose of this notice is to conduct an initial survey of what TTWG members want from the wet weather monitoring, as well as gather feedback on the desired way to accomplish it. No final decisions will be made as a result of this survey; it is intended to make future discussion more efficient.

Please provide your responses to Dave Dilks either electronically ( or by fax (734-332-1212) by December 30.

SRRTTF Wet_weather_sampling recommendations_ Survey of options_12.9.15