Ecology News: Water Quality Program State Fiscal Year 2017 Final Funding Offer List and Intended Use Plan Published

The Department of Ecology’s (Ecology) Water Quality Program is pleased to announce the publication of the State Fiscal Year 2017 (SFY17) Final Funding Offer List and Intended Use Plan (Final List). The Final List describes how Ecology intends to use state and federal dollars to fund projects focused on improving water quality across the state. The Final List s available at

 This year Ecology received 155 project proposals requesting approximately $207 million in funding. To ensure that funds were directed to the highest priority projects, Ecology water quality specialists evaluated and scored all eligible project proposals. Scores were compiled, and a statewide priority list was developed. Projects offered funding are based upon the priority list, the type of project, and the funding source. After rating and ranking all eligible proposed projects, Ecology offered approximately $109 million to 54 projects. Projects offered funding include: 17 nonpoint source pollution control activity projects; 2 local onsite sewage system repair and replacement projects; 9 stormwater facility projects; 9 wastewater facility projects in hardship communities; and 17 wastewater facility projects in non-hardship communities.

 For more information about the SFY17 Funding Cycle, please visit the Water Quality Grants and Loans website at