SRRTTF Data Management Pilot Project: Request for Proposal

The Administrative Contracting Entity for the Task Force (ACE) has sent out a Request for Proposal for Pilot Project developed by the SRRTTF Data Management Work Group and approved by the Task Force.
Technical questions on the package should be directed to Mike Hermanson at (509)477-7578 or by email at
Proposals are to be submitted to Chris Page ( by C.O.B on November 11, 2016. (the date for submittals has been extended to 11/11/16, was originally 11/4/16).


Task Force Data:
–  2014 Spokane River Study
–  2015 Spokane River Study
–  2016 Spokane River Monthly Sampling

DRBC Database Files:
–  data_management_in_support_of_tmdl_efforts_padep-final
–  drbc-data-checker-version-3-final
–  ecoc-boeing-dry-2015-pmp_12aug15
–  ecoc-boeing-wet-2015-pmp_20aug15
–  ecoc-boeing-wet-2015-pmp_20nov2015
–  h5g24422
–  h5h23408
–  h5k24409
–  location
–  updating-steps
–  updatingfigures