Spokane River Toxics Reduction Strategy

The department of Ecology has completed an update of the Spokane River Toxics Reduction Strategy.

Click here to access the document using the Department of Ecology website.

The strategy describes the

  • Toxic chemicals of concern in the Spokane River
  • Science used to identify sources of chemicals and environmental trends
  • State action plans that are in place to identify, evaulate, make recommendations and control use and disposal of toxic materials
  • Local watershed clean up efforts

The strategy also discusses ongoing and future efforts to reduce toxics in the Spokane River, including:

  • Sampling and monitoring of water, fish, and sediments
  • Identification of sources of pollution into stormwater through the Urban Waters Initiative
  • The efforts of the Spokane River Regional Toxics Task Force to identify and implement collaborative solutions for toxics reduction
  • Wastewater permits that set limits on the amount of pollution entering the river, monitor effluents for PCBs and identify next steps for better treatment and operations
  • Improvements in the way stormwater is managed
  • Clean up of toxic materials
  • Technical assistance to businesses generating hazardous waste
  • Ecology’s spill prevention and clean up program
  • Communications and education
  • Connecting people with the tools they need to be part of the solution