March 26, 2012 Technical Track Work Group Meeting

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Summary Notes TTWG Meeting March 26 2012

Workshop Planning Documents for Presentation to SRRTTF

Work Group Report Out Presentation

Pareto Analysis Results

Sessions Layout

Workshop Planning Document Aerial Deposition

Workshop Planning Document Other Watersheds

Workshop Planning Document Source Identification

Workshop Planning Document Spokane River Ecology Data

Workshop Planning Document Stormwater


State Literature Review: Toxics Atmospheric Deposition in Eastern Washington

At the request of Ecology’s Eastern Regional Office Water Quality Program, a literature review was conducted to determine possible contributions of air deposition to the loading of toxic chemicals to urban stormwater and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in Eastern Washington. This includes model ranges of percent loading contribution of PCBs to the City of Spokane stormwater.

Toxics Atmospheric Deposition in Eastern Washington: State Literature Review