Revisions To Spokane River Regional Toxics Task Force Memorandum of Agreement

The Spokane River Regional Toxics Task Force (SRRTTF) is in the process of updating its Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). This update occurs in part due to new parties signing on to the SRRTTF MOA in the near future, but also due to suggested changes (identified by Task Force members and advisors) that address evolving needs. The process by which the MOA will be revised was discussed at the October 22nd, 2014 Task Force meeting and is as follows:

  • Initial comment period: all comments and suggested changes to the “Track Changes” version of the MOA that is posted below, to be sent to Chris Page of the Ruckelshaus Center ( no later than 10 am on November 17th, 2014
  • MOA Work Group formation: one (or, if necessary, two) representative(s) to serve on an MOA Work Group will be identified by each of the following: Idaho NPDES permittees, Washington NPDES permittees, NGO’s/Environmental Groups, EPA, Ecology, IDEQ, Health Agencies, Tribes by (or at) the November 17th Task Force meeting
  • The MOA Work Group will incorporate changes to the MOA and bring to the full Task Force for approval. (Dates TBD.)
  • Revised MOA signatory review period. New signatories will run the MOA through their legal departments and decision makers and send any needed changes back to the full Task Force for consideration. This may require another work effort by the MOA Work Group before the document is finalized and acceptable to all parties for signing. (Dates TBD.)

–  SRRTTF-MOA_EPA_City-Spokane_Spokane-Co _Riverkeeper comments November 2014
–  SRRTTF-MOA_Track Changes Version- May 2014
Letters to Tribes
Chairman Boyd 11.14.14
Chairman Allan 11.14.14
Chairman Peone 11.14.14
Chairman Nenema 11.14.14