CDM Smith Technical Memo: Feedback requested by June 16, 2017

Please provide feedback (comments/questions) on the CDM Smith Technical Memo for Task 1&2 – PCB Data Compatibility Functionality Review. Send feedback on the memo to Mike Hermanson ( and Rob Lindsay ( by Friday June 16th, 2017. Mike and Rob will compile comments and touch base with CDM Smith prior to the July 12th Technical Track Work Group Meeting.

The Technical Track Work Group discussed the memo at their June 7th 2017 meeting and  based on those discussion will provide the following recommendations/requests to CDM Smith:

  • The database should provide flexibility in analysis (i.e. to choose any blank correction method, choose to use or not use NJ flagged data, etc)
  • Add in an export function in the format that EIM would require based on EIM data input fields.

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