Department of Ecology Fish Tissue and Hatcheries Studies

Spokane Watershed

–  Persistent Organic Pollutants in Feed and Rainbow Trout from Selected Trout Hatcheries (

 –  Washington State Toxics Monitoring Program: Toxic Contaminants in Fish Tissue and Surface Water in Freshwater Environments, 2003  (

–  Washington State Toxics Monitoring Program: Contaminants in Fish Tissue from Freshwater Environments in 2004 and 2005  (

–  Analysis of Fish Tissue from Long Lake (Spokane River) for PCBs and Selected Metals (

–  An Assessment of the PCB and Dioxin Background in Washington Freshwater Fish, with Recommendations for Prioritizing 303(d) Listings  (

 Quality Assurance Project Plan: Little Spokane River PCBs in Fish Tissue Verification Study  (

–  Quality Assurance Project Plan: Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program (

 Quality Assurance Project Plan: PCB and Dioxin Levels in Resident Fish from Washington Background Lakes and Rivers  (

–  Addendum 1 to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program (

–  PCBs, PBDEs, and Selected Metals in Spokane River Fish, 2005 (

–  Quality Assurance Project Plan: Analysis of Fish from Long Lake, Washington, for PCBs and Selected Metals  (

–  An Ecological Hazard Assessment for PCBs in the Spokane River (

Other Watersheds

–  PCBs, Dioxins, and Furans in Fish, Sediment, and Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent from West Medical Lake  (

–  Background Characterization for Metals and Organic Compounds in Northeast Washington Lakes, Part 2: Fish Tissue  (

–  Spatial Trends in TCDD/TCDF Concentrations in Sediment and Bottom Fish Collected in Lake Roosevelt (Columbia River)  (

 –  Fish Consumption Rates Technical Support Document – Version 2.0 FINAL  (

–  Responses to Public Comments on Fish Consumption Rate Issues  (

–  Vancouver Lake PCBs, Chlorinated Pesticides, and Dioxins in Fish Tissue and Sediment (

–  Snake River Fish Tested for Chemicals  (

–  Fish from Lake Chelan and Wenatchee River Tested for Chemicals   (

–  Lake Chelan DDT and PCBs in Fish Total Maximum Daily Load Study  (

–  Quality Assurance Project Plan: South Puget Sound Fish and Shellfish Tissue Verification of 303(d) Listings  (

–  Persistent Bioaccumulative and Toxic Contaminants in Pelagic Marine Fish Species from Puget Sound  (

–  Contaminants in Fish and Clams in Sinclair and Dyes Inlets  (

–  Quality Assurance Project Plan: Surface Sediment and Fish Tissue Chemistry in Greater Elliott Bay (Seattle  (

–  PCB Concentrations in Fish from Ward Lake (Thurston County) and the Lower Elwha River (

–  Quality Assurance Project Plan: Verification of 303(d) Listings for Fish Tissue in the Skagit and Pend Oreille Rivers  (

 Quality Assurance Project Plan: Vancouver Lake PCBs, Chlorinated Pesticides, and Dioxins Fish Tissue Investigation  (

–  Pesticides/PCBs Analysis of McNary Pool Fish. Memo to Russ Taylor   (

–  Draft: Analysis and Selection of Fish Consumption Rates for WA State Risk Assessments  (

 Occurrence and Significance of DDT Compounds and Other Contaminants in Fish, Water, and Sediment from the Yakima River Basin  (

 –  Potholes Reservoir: Screening Survey for Dieldrin, Other Chlorinated Pesticides, and PCBs in Fish, Water, and Sediments  (

–  TMDL Technical Assessment of DDT and PCBs in the Lower Okanogan River Basin  (

 Palouse River Chlorinated Pesticide and PCB Total Maximum Daily Load: Water Quality Improvement Report and Implementation Plan  (

 –  Background Characterization for Metals and Organic Compounds in Northeast Washington Lakes, Part 1: Bottom Sediments  (

–  General Characterization of PCBs in South Lake Washington Sediments  (

Other Toxics

–  Addendum 2 to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program  (

 –  Quality Assurance Project Plan: PBDE Flame Retardants in Spokane River Fish Tissues and Osprey Eggs  (

–  PBTs Analyzed in Bottom Fish from Four Washington Rivers and Lakes: Hexabromocyclododecane, Tetrabromobisphenol A, Chlorinated Paraffins, Polybrominated Diphenylethers, Polychlorinated Naphthalenes, Perfluorinated Organic Compounds, Lead, and Cadmium  (

–  An Assessment of the Chlorinated Pesticide Background in Washington State Freshwater Fish and Implications for 303(d) Listings  (

–  Quality Assurance Project Plan: Analyzing Chlorinated Pesticide Residues in Fish from Washington Background Lakes  (

–  DDT in Osoyoos Lake Fish  (

–  PBDEs Flame Retardants in Washington Rivers and Lakes: Concentrations in Fish and Water, 2005-06  (