Task Force Member Roster (Current)

Updated on 9/1/17


* In the instances where more than one entity has representation on the Task Force, they will share one vote for decision making purposes.

Category Status/Reference Primary Representative*

* Italicized names informational and are not confirmed representatives.

Alternate Representative*

* Italicized names are informational and not confirmed representatives.

County of Spokane*:Utilities/Stormwater NPDES Permittee Voting/MOA Dave Moss Rob Lindsay
Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District NPDES Permittee Voting/MOA


Tom Agnew BiJay Adams
Inland Empire Paper Company NPDES Permittee Voting/MOA Doug Krapas David Newton, Kevin Rasler
Kaiser Aluminum NPDES Permittee Voting/MOA Bud Leber Brent Downey
City of Spokane*: Wastewater/Stormwater NPDES Permittee Voting/MOA Cadie Olsen Mike Coster, Jeff Donovan, Elizabeth Schoedel
Spokane Regional Health District Additional Agency Voting/MOA Mike LaScoula Vicki Barthels
Washington State Department of Health Additional Agency Voting/MOA Dave McBride Joanne Snarski
Lake Spokane Association Stakeholder Voting/MOA Galen Buterbaugh Eric Staggs, Greg Weeks
The Lands Council Stakeholder Voting/MOA Mike Petersen  Amanda Parrish
Spokane Riverkeeper Stakeholder Voting/MOA Jerry White, Jr. Rick Eichstaedt
Kootenai Environmental Alliance Stakeholder Voting/MOA Sharon Bosley Lisa Manning
City of Coeur d’Alene NPDES Permittee Voting/MOA Mike Anderson Don Keil
State of Washington: Represented by the Department of Ecology Sovereign Advisory/MOA Adriane Borgias Dave Knight, Diana Washington, Karin Baldwin
United States: Represented by the Environmental Protection Agency Sovereign Advisory/Letter of Support Brian Nickel Mary Lou Soscia, Don Martin, Lucy Edmondson
Spokane Tribe of Indians Sovereign Advisory Brian Crossley Ted Knight
State of Idaho: Represented by the Department of Environmental Quality Sovereign Advisory Dan Redline Tom Herron, Robert Steed
Coeur d’Alene Tribe Sovereign Advisory Rebecca Stevens Sandra Raskell
 WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife  NPDES Permitee  Voting/MOA  Chris Donley  Rich Watson
Avista Stakeholder Advisory/Letter of Support Kevin Booth Darrel Soyars
City of Post Falls NPDES Permittee Public/Interested Party (regular attendance) John Beacham Monica Ott
Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board NPDES Permittee  Public/Interested Party (regular attendance) Ken Windram  
Washington State Department of Transportation NPDES Permittee  Public/Interested Party (regular attendance) Greg Lahti Tammie Williams
City of Spokane Valley NPDES Permittee  Public/Interested Party Eric Guth
Idaho Conservation League Stakeholder  (open invitation to participate)    
Sierra Club Stakeholder   (open invitation to participate)    
Trout Unlimited Stakeholder   (open invitation to participate)