Work Groups

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Data Management:
Education and Outreach:
Fish Sampling:
Green Chemistry:
Groundwater Upgradient of Kaiser:
PCB River Mass Balance:
Tech Track:

SRRTTF Comprehensive Plan Implementation Working Group Rosters

Upcoming Work Group meetings:
(Conference call in number 605-313-5141, 723394#)
June 18 – Tech Track conf. call at 10 am
June 18 – Green Chemistry conf. call at 1 pm
July 3TSCA conf. call at 10 am
July 8 – MOA ad hoc committee mtg. at 10:30 am at Spokane City Hall, Conference room 2B
July 9 – Education and Outreach meeting at 10 am at Spokane Regional Health District, room 350
July 11 – Database Management conf. call at 3 pm