Limnotech: 2016 Monthly Sampling Technical Report, Gravity Field report, and data – available for review.

The DRAFT Report on the 2016 Monthly Sampling, Gravity Field Report, and data are available for review. Task Force members are to send comments on the draft report to Dave Dilks at LimnoTech ( by May 15th, 2017.

–  SRRTTF_2016_MonthlyMonitoringReport_05-04-2017_draft
–  V57684PCB_Database_1_Blank-Corrected
–  V58483PCB_Database_1_Blank-Corrected
–  Draft Gravity 2016 Field Report. part 1
–  Draft Gravity 2016 Field Report. part 2

– Spokane County comments on 2016 Draft Monthly sampling report 170515
– Ecology_ Adriane Borgiasl Comments on SRRTTF_2016_Monthly Monitoring Report_05-04-2017
– EPA_Brian Nickel comments_SRRTTF_2016_Monthly Monitoring Report_05-04-2017_draft
– EPA_Brian Nickel_Hangman_Creek_High_Conc_Results_and_Stormwater_by_Homolog-BN