Department of Ecology Publications

This page contains publications/technical documents and memos provided by the Department of Ecology (Updated on 1/6/18).  If you have additional Ecology publications that would be useful for Task Force work, please send them to Kara Whitman ( for posting on this page. 

Ecology Poster (2017): Identifying sources of toxics using biofilms

Below find a compiled list of documents provided to the Task Force regarding Toxics Cleanup Program (TCP).

– Approach for TCP sites – (From Adriane Borgias (Feb 2016)
– PCB TCP Sites 4-17-15 (TCP site presentation April 2015)
– Appendix A-TCP Sites (June 2015)
– Appendix B-Spokane Wells (June 2015)
– Standard Operating Procedure for Purging and Sampling Monitoring Wells plus Guidance on Collecting Samples for Volatiles and other Organic Compounds 
– Tech Memo – PCBs in Spokane Valley GW – Marti – 9-16-15 FINAL  (September 2015)

Ecology Resources: Searchable map database of TCP Sites

TCP memos regarding analytical data: Information regarding policy decision by TCP to use 1668 

Green-Duwamish River Watershed: PCB Congener Study. Department of Ecology. Toxics Cleanup Program Northwest Regional Office Washington State Department of Ecology Bellevue, Washington. Published April 2016 by Leidos. .

Department of Ecology Fish Tissue and Hatcheries Studies

Focus on Clean Water: Fund innovative approach to get PCBs out of the Spokane River, January 2013 (revised February 2013), Publication No. 13-10-003

Quality Assurance Project Plan: Spokane River Toxics Fish Tissue and Preliminary Monitoring in Fiscal Year 2013 in Support of the Long-term Toxics Monitoring Strategy, January 2013, Publication No. 13-03-103.

Toxics Policy Reform for Washington State, Washington Toxics Reduction Strategies Workgroup Report, January 2013.

Spokane River PCB source Assessment 2003 – 2007, April 2011, Publication No. 11-03-013.

Liberty Lake Source Trace Study Regarding PCB, PDBE, Metals and Dioxin/Furan: A Pilot Project for Source TracingOctober 2010, Publication No. 10-04-027.

Spokane River Urban Waters Source Investigation and Data Analysis Progress Report, (2009 – 2011): Source Tracing for PCB, PBDE, Dioxin/Furan, Lead, Cadmium, and Zinc, September 2012, Publication No. 12-04-025.