Technical Consultant Activities

The SRRTTF-ACE has contracted with LimnoTech, Inc. to provide Technical Consulting services.  Click on the links below to find out more information about the project status and deliverables.

 Technical-Consultant-Work-Tasks-STATUS-05082014 (Updated regularly)

Meetings and Coordination

Task 1: Technical Consultant Work Plan (Complete)

LimnoTech will update and revise the existing SRRTTF First Draft Work Plan to make a Technical Consultant Work Plan. The Work Plan will cover tasks, schedule and budget for Phases 2 through 4 through 2016.

Task 2: Data Request Memo (Complete)

LimnoTech will prepare a technical memorandum listing all of the information required to define existing PCB and dioxin sources, loads and sinks.

Task 3: Standard Operating Procedures (Complete)

LimnoTech will review the standard operating procedures for data analysis and collection currently employed by all agencies collecting data that may be used during this project. These procedures will be reviewed in order to ensure comparability of analytical data.

Task 4: Collection of Existing Data (Complete)

LimnoTech will contact all data sources identified in the final Data Request memorandum and begin data collection.

Task 5: Data Review and Evaluation (Complete)

LimnoTech will review all data collected in Task 3 and evaluate the quality and credibility of the data relative to satisfying the data needs identified in Task 1. The results of the data review will be summarized in a technical memorandum. All relevant collected data will be placed in a database in a format suitable to SRRTTF and Ecology.

Task 6: Data Gap Identification (Complete)

LimnoTech will review the available data and determine where key information gaps exist in terms of assessing all relevant PCB and dioxin sources and sinks. This work will be conducted via two sub-tasks: 1) Development of an Initial Conceptual Model, and 2) Identification of Data Gaps and Refinement of the Conceptual Model.

  • Initial Conceptual Model
  • Refined Conceptual Model
  • Technical Memorandum Describing Data Gaps

Task 7: Review Modeling Tools (Complete)

LimnoTech will review all available modeling tools that could be used for identification and quantification of PCBs and dioxins in subsequent phases of work. This review will be documented in a technical memorandum describing each model’s capabilities, data needs, advantages, and disadvantages. Recommendations will be provided regarding which models are most suitable for use in future phases.

  • Draft technical memorandum summarizing modeling tools
  • Final technical memorandum summarizing modeling tools, incorporating SRRTTF and Ecology comments on the draft memorandum

Task 8: Data Collection Strategy (Complete)

This task is intended to develop a recommended strategy for collection of additional data for use in subsequent phases, giving consideration to the modeling tool(s) that are anticipated for use. Work will be conducted through two sub‐tasks, corresponding to: 1) Attaining consensus on objectives, and 2) Development of strategy.

  • Draft data collection objectives memorandum
  • Data collection objectives memorandum, incorporating feedback from monitoring objectives meeting
  • Draft data collection strategy memorandum
  • Final data collection strategy memorandum, incorporating SRRTTF and Ecology comments on draft plan

Task 9: Quality Assurance Project Plan/Sampling and Analysis Plan

LimnoTech will prepare a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)/Sampling Analysis Project Plan (SAPP) that describes the quality procedures, criteria and corrective actions associated with the sampling and analysis program.

Task 10: Scoping for Future Phases

LimnoTech will prepare a detailed scope, schedule, budget for Phase 2 work, consistent with information contained in the QAPP and SAP. LimnoTech will also provide refined schedules and budgets for Phases 3 and 4, updating the estimates from Task 1.

  • Draft Scope
    • Due date 2/15/2014
  • Final Scope
    • 2 weeks after comments received

Comprehensive Plan:

Comparison of Homolog-Patterns for Groundwater Well Data and Suspected Loads 

Administrative Documents

Contract and Final Work Plan

Contractor Notification of Other Employment