January 2015 Spokane River Toxics Workshop

2015 Spokane River Toxics Workshop: January 13th and 14th, 2015

The Januray 2015 Technical  Workshop provided a forum for the open exchange of information on the results of the 2014 confidence and synoptic sampling events facilitated the establishment of “where do we go from here” for further understanding source contribution of PCB to the Spokane River as well as identified appropriate next steps for near term source reduction efforts. The Workshop:

  • Provided for the opportunity to review and discuss in-depth all aspects and results of the 2014 confidence and synoptic sampling efforts;
  • Provided the opportunity to discuss next steps and priorities for data collection related to source identification and /or quantification efforts;
  • Provided the opportunity to gather input from others involved in PCB water quality in other geographic area related to their sampling and source identification and/or source quantification efforts that are applicable to Spokane River issues
  • Provided the opportunity for “brainstorming” how the findings from the 2014 sampling events and input from other areas’ efforts could best be used to identify near term and longer term actions.

Workshop Overview:
 Jan 2015 SRRTTF Workshop draft agenda Revised 1.8.14
–  SRRTTF Januray 2015 Tech Workshop Summary Notes DRAFT

Briefing Session #1: SRRTTF – Background, Issues, Goals, Past Workshops,
State of the Science
–  SRRTTF_Background_Dilks_01_13_2015

Work Session #1: Analytical
 Workshop Planning Document Analytical Session Final 11-24-14
–  AXYS Presentation SRRTTF PCB Workshop Jan.12

Work Session #2: Sampling
Workshop Planning Document Sampling Session Final 11-24-14
–  Gravity_SRRTTF_Presentation_FieldV2
 HVS Presentation
–  SRRTTF_Blank Contamination_Dilks_2015_01_13
–  Brent Hepner (CI Agent) presentation on the CLAM cannot be posted here (made using    Prezi).  This presentation can be sent on request.

Lunch Presentation: Dr. Lisa Rodenburg
–  Identifying PCB sources through fingerprinting

Work Session #3: Statistical Results & Mass Balance
– Workshop Planning Document Mass Balance and Statistics Session Final 11-24-14
–  SRRTTF_MassBalance_Dilks_2015_01_13

Work Session #4: Where Do We Go From Here?
– Workshop Planning Document Where to Session Final 11-24-14