MOA Work Group and MOA Revisions

(Page last updated 8/31/2015)

The Spokane River Regional Toxics Task Force (SRRTTF) is in the process of updating its Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). This update occurs in part due to new parties signing on to the SRRTTF MOA in the near future, but also due to suggested changes (identified by Task Force members and advisors) that address evolving needs. This page contains information on the MOA work group and MOA Revisions.

MOA Work Group Roster
–  SRRTTF Memorandum of Agreement Work Group Roster 6-22-15

COMMENTS/Edits Received from Legal Review on Version 11.0
–  Revised MOA VERSION 11.0 _combined edits_comments 6.23.15

 4 3 15-Revised-MOA-For-Review-V10 11-SpokaneCountyEdits-RA-BR-LTG
 SRRTTF Revised MOA 2015-03-23 IEP Comments
  Post Falls MOA Comments FINAL 6-15-15
  CDA Comments on draft SRRTTF MOA 2015-05-29

MOA Revisions (The most recent version is in bold)
–  SRRTTF-MOA-comparison-of-2012-Original-and-Revision-10.1
–  Revised MOA For Review Version 10.1 
(page numbers and line numbers fixed)
SRRTTF-MOA-2.19.15_Version-6.1 ELS edits
–  SRRTTF-MOA-2.9.15_Version-6.0
–  SRRTTF-MOA-1.23.15_Version-5.1_edits-from-Rick-Eichstaedt
–  SRRTTF-MOA-1.23.15_Version-5.0
–  SRRTTF-MOA 1-7-15_Version-4.0
–  SRRTTF MOA 12-18-14_Version 3.0
–  SRRTTF MOA 12-17-14_Version 2.0
–  SRRTTF MOA 11-17-14 Version 1.0

MOA Work Group Meeting Summaries
–  MOA-Work-Group-Meeting-6.16.15-Summary
 MOA-Work-Group-Meeting-3.18.15-Summary DRAFT
MOA Work Group Meeting 3.9.15 Summary DRAFT
MOA Work Group Meeting 2.23.15 Summary DRAFT
MOA Work Group Meeting 2.9.15 Summary DRAFT
 MOA Work Group Meeting 1.23.15 Summary DRAFT
 MOA Work Group Meeting 1.7.15 Summary DRAFT
 MOA Work Group Meeting 12.18.14 Summary DRAFT
 MOA Work Group Meeting 12.4.14 Summary DRAFT

 Letters to Tribes:
 Chairman Boyd 11.14.14
 Chairman Allan 11.14.14
 Chairman Peone 11.14.14
 Chairman Nenema 11.14.14

 Letter Received from Tribes:
 Letter from Kalispel Tribe_ 1.20.15