Comprehensive Plan: All Planning Documents and Draft Versions of the Plan and Memos Leading to Final Comp Plan

All Documents and Planning Processes that Led to the final Comprehensive Plan Document. (earliest documents on the bottom of page, latest top of page)

Accepted November 16th – “2016 Comprehensive Plan to Reduce Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in the Spokane River.” 

——————————————————————————————————————–The following are all documents associated with process of developing and finalizing the Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Scope and Timeline
– SRRTTF_Comprehensive Plan_Scope-2015_11_19

Final DRAFT Comp Plan: 11/16/16 (NEW)
the Task Force accepted the Final Comp Plan including edits from the November 16th, 2016 Task Force meeting. The Final Comp Plan will be posted on November 29th, 2016. The following includes notes and edits made on-the-fly at the 11/16/16 meeting before plan acceptance. 

  • Comp_Plan_Pre final_draft__edits-11-16-16 (at Task Force Meeting)
    • Edits include the following:
      • Minor edits to page ES-1 with the inclusion of a reference to Sec. 3.2 Table 5 for details (page 1 of Executive Summary)
      • Addition of a paragraph on Sec. 2.4.3 Current River Status explaining the water quality standards for Idaho and the Spokane Tribe, as well as a mention of the EPA Administrator approval of a new Water Quality Standard as of 11/16/16 (Page 10)
      • Deleted a redundant paragraph on page 25-26, also added a sentence to the the remaining paragraph
      • Added a footnote to table 5, page 25 that specifies “Advanced treatment technologies are currently being installed for the Dissolved Oxygen TMDL that will likely result in reductions of PCBs to the Spokane River. “
      • Dave Dilks to also add a list of acronyms after the list of Tables at the beginning of the plan.

11/9/16 Full Pre Final Draft Plan
 comp_plan_prefinal_draft_11-09-16 (11/9/16 Clean Version)
–  comp_plan_prefinal_draft_redline-version_-changes-since-october-26th-draft-highlighted (11/9/16 Redline version)
–  srrttf_compplan_nov_comments-compilation (spreadsheet compilation of comments)

Comments on the 10/24/16 redline draft
–  2016-11-02-cda-comments-on-draft-comp-plan-4841-3814-6619-v-1 (11/3/16)
– comp_plan_redline_draft_10-26-16_avista-redline-edits-11-2-16 (11/2/16)
–  avista-comment-letter_comprehensive-plan_11-2-16 (11/2/16)
– ldwcomp_plan_track-changes-version-including-all-comments_draft_10-24-16_b (11/2/16)
–  comp_plan_section 5.15 schedule_draft_11-1-16 (11/1/16)

Comp Plan_Section-5.15-revisions-_schedule_draft_10-31-16 (NEW 10/31/16)
Comp Plan as of 10/26/16 Edits from the Task Force Meeting
comp_plan_redline_draft_C 10-26-16 (NEW 10.26.16)

Comp Plan as of 10/24/16
–  srrttf_compplan_comments-compilation_b (10/24/16 at 3:23 pm)
–  comp_plan_track-changes-version-including-all-comments_draft_10-24-16_b (10/24/16 at 3:23 pm)

comp_plan_draft_9-15-16 (9/15/16)

Comments received on 9/15/16 Draft:
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16_DEQ-comments_10.7.16 (NEW 10/24/16)
 avista-comment-letter_limnotech-draft-comprehensive-plan_10-13-16 (NEW 10/14/16)
– comp_plan_draft_9-15-16_ldw-comments-10-9-16 (10/9/16)
–  comp-plan-draft-9-15-15-riverkeeper-comments (10/7/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16-combined-ecology-comments-oct-7 (10/7/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16_adriane-pearson-comments2 (10/6/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16-Bud Leber-edits (10/4/16)
–  toxics-tf-comprehensive-plan-draft-9-15-16_comments-city-of-spokane_-craig-trueblood (10/3/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-28-16-comments-jeff-donovan_city-of-spokane (9/28/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16_Spokane County-26sep2016 (9/27/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16-CDA comments (9/27/16)
–  comp-plan-_preliminary-comment_Lisa Dally Wilson (9/27/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16-Ecology comments  (9/27/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16-ECY TCP program compiled comments (9/27/16)
–  comp_plan_draft_9-15-16_Brian Nickel_EPA_comments (9/27/16)

Task 1: Develop Inventory of PCB Sources and Pathways

Task 2: Evaluate Best Management Practices/Control Actions
Task 3: Attain Consensus on Alternatives to Be Included in Plan
Task 4: Develop Comprehensive Plan
Task 5: Project Management and Coordination

Best Management Practices/Source Control Actions Categories: BMP Category_Jerry White (5/31/16)

Comp Plan Related Informational Documents:
Draft Glossary of Terms: Task Force members are asked to review and send edits and/or additional terms with definitions to Kara Whitman (
SRRTTF Funding Strategies: SRRTTF Funding Strategies

Maps: (generated by Jeff Donovan- City of Spokane) 
–  2016 River Map Fish PCB 8X11_revised 5/5/2016
–  2016 Workshop river Map PCB LOAD 25×35 (5/2/16)
–  2016 Workshop River Map PCB CONC 25×35 (5/2/16)

  1. Sources and Pathways Memorandum: defining inventory of known sources and pathways to be considered
  2. Magnitude of Loading from Sources and Pathways Memorandum: defining magnitude of loading from each source and pathway.
  3. Best Management Practices(BMPs)/Control Actions Memorandum: defining inventory of BMPs/control actions to be considered
  4. Memorandum defining cost of implementation and expected pollutant removal efficiency for each BMP/Control Action
Task: Deliverable Completion Date
1: Draft memorandum defining inventory of known sources and pathways to be considered January 22, 2016
1: Final memorandum defining inventory of known sources and pathways to be considered February 19, 2015
1: Draft memorandum defining magnitude of loading from each source and pathway. March 28, 2016
1: Final memorandum defining magnitude of loading from each source and pathway. May 18, 2016
2: Draft memorandum defining inventory of Control Actions to be considered February 19, 2016
2: Final memorandum defining inventory of Control Actions to be considered May 18, 2016
2: Draft memorandum defining cost of implementation and expected pollutant removal efficiency for each BMP. June 1, 2016
2: Final memorandum defining cost of implementation and expected pollutant removal efficiency for each BMP. July 14, 2016
3: Workshop to prioritize alternatives, and identify implementing parties July 27, 2016
3: Additional meetings or small work groups. July 23 – August 17.
4: Draft comprehensive plan September 15, 2016*
5: Meeting to Present Draft Comprehensive Plan September 22, 2016
4: Final comprehensive plan December 16, 2016

–  SRRTTF_SourcesPathways_2016_03.09_draft

SRRTTF Sources and Pathways Memo DRAFT 1.22.16

–  SRRTTF Magnitude of Source Areas & Pathways DRAFT (6/8/16)
SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0518_draft (5/18/16)
 SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0511_draft_clean Clean Version 
 SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0511_draft Track Changes Version noted 

Comments on the 6/8/16 Draft
–  comments on Magnitude of Source Areas and Pathways memo_Mike Hermanson 6.15.16 (6/15/16)

Comments on Draft 2 (5.11.16 version)
 SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0511_draft_clean-1 apb cmts
 Avista Comment Letter_LimnoTech Draft Magnitude of Source Areas and Pathways Memo_5-16-16 
 Comment on Magnitude of Source Areas and Pathways Memo Revised Draft_City of Spokane Comments 5.17.15 
 SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0511_ldw comments 
–  CDA SRRTTF Sources Pathways comments 5-16 
Comments on Draft 1:
RE_ Biosolids follow up (Adriane Borgias follow up from May TTWG meeting)
–  Additional General comments_Mag of Sources and pathways memo_AB_ 5.5.16 
SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0401_draft-1-1 apb cmts 
Comments from Ken Windram (Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board)
–  SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0401_draft-1 jeffd_comments
–  SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0401_draft-1_ldw edits
–  Spokane Countycomments to LimnoTech loading memo 042716
–  SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0401_Comments from Sandy Phillips
   –  Electric Utilities Servicing Spokane County
 SRRTTF_MagnitudeSourcesPathways_2016_0401_draft-1-1_IEP Comments 042716
–    Magnitude of Sources and Pathways Memo_Comments from Jerry White
–  Comments from Adriane Borgias
–  Conceptual Diagrams from Adriane Borgias_Mag of sources and pathways

–  SRRTTF_Inventory_of_Control_Actions_05182016_draft (5/18/16)
Comments on 5.18.16 Draft:
–  SRRTTF_Inventory_of_Control_Actions_05182016_draft apb cmts (6.13.16)
Comments on 2.19.16 Draft:
DRAFT_Inventory_of_BMPs_2016_02_19_IEP Comments
 BMP Inventory memo comments_Mike Petersen
–  Limnotech Memo re PCB BMPs Draft% 02-19-16_AP Comments from City of Spokane Adriene Pearson
 List of BMPs and control actions apb
–  BMP Inventory Memo comments_John Beacham_Post Falls
– Comment from Bud Leber_3.18.16


Appendix B DRAFT 8/23/16
– AppendixB_0823_2016_Draft (8/23/16)

DRAFT 7/7/16

–  Effectiveness_of_Control_Actions_0706_2016_draft ( 7/6/16)
–   AppendixB_0706_2016_Draft (7/6/16)

Comments on 7/6/16 Draft
–  Spo County Comments on Control action memo2 7.19.16 (7/19/16)
–  Effectiveness_of_Control_Actions_0706_2016_draft apb cmts (7/13/16)
–  AppendixB_0706_2016_Draft apb cmts ( 7/13/16)
–  AppendixB_0706_2016_Draft_Avista comments 7-14-16 (7/14/16)

DRAFT 6/22/16
 Effectiveness_of_Control_Actions_0622_2016_draft (6/22/16)
 AppendixB_06222016_Draft (Control Actions Fact Sheets Drafts) (6/22/16)

Comments on 6.22.16 Draft
 Additional Summarized Comments from Jerry White_Effectiveness of Control Actions Memo and Appendix
 AppendixB_06222016_Draft_comments from Jerry White 6.24.16 
 Effectiveness_of_Control_Actions_0622_2016_draft _comments from Jerry White 
 Spokane County Comments on Control Action memo 160630 (7/1/16)
 Effectiveness_of_Control_Actions_0622_2016_draft apb cmts (7/1/16)
 AppendixB_06222016_Draft apb comments3 ( 7/1/16)

Older drafts:
Comments on 6.1.2016 Draft
 Effectiveness of Control Actions Memo-Spokane County Comments (6/13/16)
Brian Nickel_comments on DRAFT Cost_Effectiveness of PCB Control Actions for the Spokane River _6.14.16 (6/14/16)